Changing your car's oil on schedule is an essential part of keeping it running smoothly. Over time, debris and grime can build up in the oil reservoir, turning it slowly into a sludge, and reducing its effectiveness.
Our Port Elgin servicing team can carry out this vital routine maintenance, quickly, easily, and without the hassle and risk of doing it yourself.

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How Often Should You Change the Oil?
An oil change should be carried out roughly every 5,000km to 7,500km, with newer cars needing less frequent changes. However, most mechanics recommend an oil and filter change up to twice a year, to ensure the oil stays in good enough condition to do its job.
What Are the Benefits of an Oil Change?
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For such a simple maintenance job, frequent oil changes offer plenty of benefits.
Clean oil of the correct grade helps your engine run more smoothly, reducing fuel consumption and costs at the gas pump.
Regular oil changes also reduce the wear and tear on your engine, helping to prevent expensive repairs.
Your car will show better performance with fresh oil, with higher output and more responsive acceleration.
Can You Change the Oil Yourself?
An oil change is one of the more straightforward pieces of auto maintenance you can do for yourself. However, it's not something a complete beginner should tackle, and you'll need some special tools to do the job effectively, including:
  • Oil filter wrench.
  • Oil drain pan.
  • A wrench to safety remove and re-tighten the drain plug.
  • A jack, plus either jack stands or a ramp.
You also need replacement oil of the correct grade for your vehicle, a new oil filter, and maybe a replacement drain plug washer.
Depending on your auto-repair experience a DIY oil change usually takes around an hour, plus clean up and disposal of the old oil. A professional can usually do it in half that time or even less.
Get a Professional Oil Change in Port Elgin
If all this seems like a lot of fuss, booking your car in for an oil change at our Port Elgin service is inexpensive, quick, and easy, with labour and materials both guaranteed for quality. With as little as an hour spent in our bay, your car will be kept running in peak condition.
To arrange an appointment, use our easy online booking form, or call into one of our two Port Elgin locations where our servicing team will be happy to help.
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