Ford F 150 review from our dealership

Ford F 150 review from our dealership

Ford F 150 review from our dealership

Look around you and there's a good chance that there's a Ford F-150 or F-150s in your neighbourhood. In fact, F-Series pickup trucks are the best-selling vehicles in Canada and the United States. To meet the varied demands of consumers, Ford must offer a wide range of them. Thus, we count on regular, stretch or crew cab versions, with short, medium or long cars, and with equally varied mechanical components, from atmospheric or turbocharged V6s to a V8 from the same family as the Mustang, in addition to four-wheel drive to order.

Of course, all of these pickups come in a variety of trim levels, from the basic configuration for tough jobs to a sporty model specifically created for off-road excursions, the Raptor. However, it seemed to be missing a luxury version already known in this year's catalogue, the Limited.

Inside the Ford F150

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The already elaborate dashboard features wood appliqués on the front and leather trim with visible stitching on the top. The roof features a soft-touch micro suede canopy and a panoramic glass sunroof. The front bucket seats, as well as the split rear bench, are covered with a unique upholstery.

Of course, the front buckets, fully adjustable with electric controls, are also heated and ventilated. And if you look a little bit at the screen, you'll find the control that activates the massage. Between the two is a huge console with a large console console ornament that identifies the model (this ornament can also be seen in the door trim so that you don't forget that you're traveling in the most luxurious F-150).

And there's plenty of legroom. The same goes for the rear compartment, even though the front seats are as far back as possible. By the way, the split rear seats fold up, giving a flat floor that can hold plenty of valuable cargo.

As for visibility, you don't miss a thing, and the rear window also features a small power window that opens with the push of a button.

Our comparison of the 2019 Ford F-150 vs. the 2019 Ram 1500

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From the outside, this variant is distinguished by a solid silver grille lined with the letters L-I-M-I-T-E-D on the front of the bonnet. Above all, a polished metal appliqué on the rear panel also proudly displays the same inscription. However, it's inside that you really discover what the Limited finish is all about. It's a far cry from the basic version like the one used by municipalities for public works.

For easy access, running boards deploy automatically under the doors (they retract once the doors are closed). Don't worry; experience has shown us that they don't tend to freeze in the snow in the winter.




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